Question Sleep?

by ti.gerve nom

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Mike Szarejko - Programming, synths, glitches and realm related astrophysics
Nick Romanoff - Vocals, proverbs, sass and beer fountains

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All songs written by M. Szarejko all lyrics and concepts by N. Romanoff
Illustrator - David Kleiser at
Cover and Back text drawn by N. Romanoff
CD Layout by S. Sokoloski
CD's forged in the kiln of firebrand Toronto
Mastered by Barry Gardner at safeandsound mastering
Recorded at Mike's Closet and Penguin Palace
ti.gerve nom 2012-2013 ©


released February 2, 2013

ti.gerve nom would like to thank:
Theo Kroosevelt for guest vocals on 1st assumptions vs 2nd doubts,
Joe Brosnan for vocal contributions on Question Sleep and Crucifixed,
and Jen Mohammed for sassy backups on Parasitic,
Scott Sokoloski for being the radest dude ever,
The “Ain’t No Two Ways About It” guys you know who you are,
Arielle Sugarman editor/moral support and beer + sushi runs,
Joe Cash Productions & Jeff Alderson for making the music video for Gin and Tronix,
Pabst Blue Ribbon for providing the creative lubricant for this beast of a machine,
The inventor of confetti cannons, The Central Jazz Bar, Ableton Live,
Delicate Artifacts for fossilizing our tapes, Dan Malette (aka Dan the man), Tuka + Max,
K. Johnson, Briefcase Show for giving us their 2%, GMD's, Matthew Almeida, The First Seed,
and all of our unmentioned friends and family and anyone that has come seen us live,
listened to our noise, put us on a bill, played with us, or had to sweep up after our shows.



all rights reserved


ti.gerve nom Toronto, Ontario

ti.gerve nom is a electronic punk duo hailing from toronto ON feat beat heavy electronics, sassy abrasive vocals as well as a cornucopia of other influences.

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Track Name: Gin & Tronix
kiss on the off beat miss on the slip stream
make love on the concrete duress in a dress
this is me at my best digitally lost I'm a mess
wait for the cutoff, fake till we're cut off
wait for the cutoff, fake till we're cut up
oh you flaunt it flaunt it oh you've got it got it
when we want it want then your turned off
were turned off so fucking turned (on/off)
dismal embrace making second face
kiss the curb how doth thou taste
tasteless embrace-less seconds fade thin
cinnamon burnt sin while wearing your skin
inverted crosses discerning prophets
revoke coffins coffee spilled burnt out profits
kill the jobs and make us all one with mother earth
so mother earth can hatch her fowl
badgers born from inhumane howls
dismiss insist the last kiss before being skinned alive (bare)
Track Name: Question Sleep?
push the weight of heavy lids
vision dim eyes sunk within
blurred path muddy past
seconds in hours circumference by the blast
blessed but lewd cranial fortitude
lost in thought the memories misconstrued
your dignity removed another rat another cage
the hands higher and remain unscathed
they remain clean while the garbage is bathed
plastic or clay moulded or made
ponder less text barely stitched to dead lips
regurgitated discourse spews from the main course
we are the anti-beat we are the undefined
we take to the street and speak unrefined
filterless we protest which speaks of no sense
at least its not preaching philosophy
at least you're not thinking proactively
leave it all and question sleep
waking dream is far less meek
burn it down and question sleep
eyes heavy but the dreams are weak
ripples in a lost void silence at gunpoint
decontrol the crass such a malignant mass
blind attack fat paper stacks minutes lost value tossed
processed glue for the mind
Play. Inhale. Rewind.
Track Name: Get Lifted
the wolf beard fangs and the crows a 3rd eye
one maimed and one observed from the land and the sky
as the oceans swelled and the empire fell
sequence the pretence with a hook and a knife
and grapple the alliance between darkness and night
with a spear in the thigh and a sharpness of breath
irrelevantly stating the purpose of death
Rinse. Wash. Relief. Clean. Purge. Repeat.
a thousand times your fables have been told
flood and freeze whilst on your knees
live to die with little cause
seldom draws with the ambition lost
toxic air and poison thought
woven in their web were all caught
caught by their nets straight from the nest
keep your stature, as you approach the rapture
Track Name: Crucifixed
get back lay it out front
for a buried memory to bare
(lay out the belongings of ones head /
lay it out and wash it clean)
cerebral scrub of unwashed mud
from vascular receptors
blinded by their (the) connectors
mainframe disconnect
this onset of white washed thought
bleached of the emotions once reached
get back and lay it out
Track Name: 1st Assumptions vs. 2nd Doubts
dark shadows hung from dead trees
breathe new life into an old disease
from the gallows hung a profits pride
his tongue severed and his hands now tied
his words burn for they opposed what he believes
limbs charred but the roots still beneath
they grew an they spread as the world turned
till they burst through the asphalt and rebuild what was burnt
light them up, cut the city's throat
burnt by the flames, burn, burn, burnt
what was cursed, curse, curse, cursed
burn it and burn it / you be the spectator and I'll be the fire
fan fiction loose diction to be a slave or pave the way
sink fast in the city’s streets like quick sand at your feet
kiss and tell your bliss or hell
interact at mutual benefit opposed to self directive
she is a pathogen so be a good host
remember you won't leave it, it will haunt like her ghost
take a picture a pose with a grin so morose
take your sin and clone it to thine kin
repeat rinse now ulcerate and binge eat
every word oh every word
post-mortem script most certain keen hips
she isn't dead she speaks in loose ends
Track Name: Opposing States of Reality
kiss the sky with a manner so unsure
it eradicates all life so blissful and unsure
of an eternal presence a malevolent beast
a shadow independent sweet nothings whispered from
a mushroom cloud or the voice of resistance
now present and loud it distorts and reverts
perceptions of a world so fucking cruel
don't believe the TV screen its just a hurdle
to obstruct your flight pattern
to govern your return, to govern you
kiss the sky misnamed so obscure
it reactivates a sense of false
a unanimous feat. with the dull blade of defeat
muster in the heart of your failure
it returns in a different mask until you meet the casket
blisters from your grip burst as you let go
ride the shotgun in your hurst son
in your indecision it's all your decision in the end
cut the roots of your addiction
through civil disobedience resurrect your conviction
to a nonlinear path of living reruns at half mast
dislocate the former structure R.I.P. the grave and resurrect her
as if she never died a thousand times in your head
death so final. dead so impure
nurse prepare the surgical tools
to lay one's disillusion bare dismemberment
her gold monument so heaven sent it took my breath
dislocate the former structure
R.I.P. the grave and resurrect her